Police and Crime Commissioner for West Yorkshire | WYPCC

Make sure criminal justice works for communities

Criminal justice is delivered by a number of organisations including the police, the Crown Prosecution Service, the courts, probation, prisons and Youth Offending Teams. These organisations work together through the Local Criminal Justice Board to improve efficiency and effectiveness here in West Yorkshire and a real difference has been made including through Transforming Summary Justice and Better Case Management. There is, however, more that can be done to improve criminal justice for our communities and I will continue to work with all these organisations and other partners to make sure we are working better together to improve the criminal justice system, focused on achieving the right outcomes for those who find themselves in the criminal justice system and to make sure that victims and witnesses are at the heart of the services we provide. It is important that people have confidence in the organisations that deliver criminal justice regardless of whether they have direct contact and I will make sure there is greater openness and transparency in policing and work with the Chief Constable towards a police service that better represents the communities it serves.

How we will deliver

  • Work together with criminal justice partners to collaborate more closely and pool resources where it is appropriate
  • Identify and implement best practice across West Yorkshire to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the criminal justice system
  • Engage with wider partners through the Partnership Executive Group and other forums to provide wrap around support to victims and witnesses
  • Work with national bodies such as the National Criminal Justice Board, Ministry of Justice, Home Office and Sentencing Council to ensure the criminal justice system in West Yorkshire meets and exceeds their requirements
  • Work with partners and the National Reform Programme to find alternative ways to access local justice to mitigate court closures in West Yorkshire
  • Ensure vulnerable victims will be able to give evidence to court from a safe and secure victims' focused place
  • Improve information sharing processes across all criminal justice agencies within West Yorkshire
  • Regularly review complaints against West Yorkshire Police and make sure that they are operating to national standards in all areas of police practice and crime recording
  • Work towards a police service which is more representative of the people it serves

How we will know we have delivered

  • The ineffective trial rate will reduce
  • The average time taken for cases to be brought to resolution will reduce
  • More people will be confident in their community safety partners
  • We will have a police service which is more representative of the people it serves