Police and Crime Commissioner for West Yorkshire | WYPCC

Safeguard vulnerable people

Safeguarding vulnerable people is central to the work of police and partners. As our collective resources have been cut, we will continue to protect those most at risk and I will fulfil my pledge to put victims, in particular those who are most vulnerable, first. A person is vulnerable if as a result of their situation or circumstances they are unable to take care or protect themselves, or others, from harm or exploitation or other adverse impact on their quality of life. Vulnerability can take many forms and can be linked to, for example, mental health, substance misuse, or age. This means that each individual must be supported in a way that recognises their personal circumstances and requires different agencies to work effectively together to provide for their differing safeguarding needs. Safeguarding people was considered the greatest priority by respondents to the "Your Priorities, Your Plan" consultation with 70% of people saying it was important to them. I will continue to work with others to protect those most at risk, ensure that safeguarding the vulnerable is at the forefront of our partnership working and aim to deliver safeguarding in a more coordinated, consistent and cohesive way across West Yorkshire.

How we will deliver

  • Encourage statutory and non-statutory partners to work together to develop and strengthen our collective safeguarding efforts
  • Improve our understanding of the factors which can lead to individuals being at risk of becoming a victim of crime, and the types of crime that vulnerable people are often victims of
  • Educate and train those on the frontline in how to identify vulnerability at the earliest opportunity and respond accordingly
  • Provide additional support for those with vulnerabilities during their journey through the criminal justice system and listen to the experiences of vulnerable people to improve the support that we offer
  • Embed adult and child safeguarding arrangements across all partners and frontline departments
  • Identify and share good practice across different organisations in West Yorkshire and nationally to improve our overall response
  • Work with academic and research institutions to find evidence-based safeguarding initiatives
  • Empower and support vulnerable people to better protect themselves and signpost them to agencies who can help

How we will know we have delivered

  • West Yorkshire Police will be graded as GOOD or OUTSTANDING by HMIC in its effectiveness inspection for how it supports the vulnerable
  • The most vulnerable people will be identified and supported
  • Safeguarding boards in West Yorkshire will comply with their statutory roles and responsibilities