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Support victims and witnesses

Being a victim of crime can have a significant impact on a person's life, on their family, and their community. I have pledged to put victims, in particular those who are most vulnerable, first and around 37% of respondents to "Your Priorities, Your Plan" agreed that we should keep a focus on supporting victims and witnesses. The needs of victims and witnesses should be at the heart of the criminal justice system and will be at the forefront of our delivery with services designed and delivered so that everyone can have access to information and support services wherever they live in West Yorkshire. The revised Victims Code (2015) sets out victim entitlements and services which will be provided for within West Yorkshire. These services will continue to be developed to ensure specialist help is provided to support victims and their families to cope and recover from the impacts of crime, particularly the vulnerable, persistently targeted and intimidated victims.

How we will deliver

  • Work together with criminal justice partners to improve the victim journey recognising and respecting the differing needs of victims and how far along the journey they wish to travel
  • Listen to victims and direct partners to provide the emotional and practical support victims need to cope and recover from the impact of crime
  • Commission services for victims with a focus on the most vulnerable victims
  • Encourage and support all organisations across public, private and third sector to identify innovative ways of supporting victims of crime
  • Work with community safety partners to ensure restorative justice is available to all victims
  • The requirements in the Victims Code (2015) will be delivered by West Yorkshire criminal justice agencies and through commissioned services
  • Work together with criminal justice agencies to provide greater choice for victims and witnesses in courts
  • Ensure that victims and witnesses are prepared for the justice process, are supported, and their voices are heard
  • Partners will ensure that victims have the information they need to make informed decisions
  • All recipients of victims funding, whether this is through grants or commissioning, will be expected to provide progress reports against agreed performance measures

How we will know we have delivered

  • More victims will be satisfied with the level of service they receive from the police
  • More victims who choose to access additional services will be satisfied with the level of service they receive from victim services
  • More victims of crime will be satisfied with the outcome of their case