Police and Crime Commissioner for West Yorkshire | WYPCC

Tackle crime and anti-social behaviour

We cannot achieve our vision of keeping West Yorkshire safe and feeling safe without a strong focus on tackling crime and anti-social behaviour (ASB). Around 60% of people who responded to the "Your Priorities, Your Plan" survey said that reducing crime and ASB was of importance to them. 70% stated that increased police visibility would make them feel safer so I will continue to protect frontline policing and strengthen neighbourhood policing. The root causes of criminality are complex and can only be addressed by working together. I will tackle crime in our communities by ensuring the police and partners are focusing on preventing crime and reducing reoffending, reducing the opportunity for crime to occur and targeting those offenders that cause the most harm. In both of these areas there is great potential for stronger partnership working, particularly around managing offender behaviour and problem solving approaches to ASB and I will continue to coordinate and support this work across the police, partners and communities in West Yorkshire.

How we will deliver

  • Develop a delivery strategy on reducing reoffending which understands and addresses factors which can lead to criminal behaviour including mental health and substance misuse
  • Work with key partners such as the National Probation Service, Community Rehabilitation Company and National Offender Management Service to promote changes which are known to reduce reoffending such as opportunities around employment, training, and education
  • Ensure that Integrated Offender Management is effective and is focused on the offenders who cause the most harm
  • Listen to our communities to focus attention on the crimes which have the greatest impact on them
  • Develop a delivery strategy for crime prevention which directs the police and partners on the most effective practice
  • Support and resource community initiatives which divert people away from criminal behaviour particularly with young people
  • Protect frontline policing and provide resources for the police to deter, detect and deal with criminals
  • Develop a delivery strategy for ASB which takes into account the impact it has on the victim and the wider community
  • Work together with other PCCs and police services to tackle serious and organised crime in our region
  • Make sure that the public are confident in reporting crime and ASB to the police and partners
  • Encourage and support all organisations including public, private and third sector to identify innovative ways to prevent crime and ASB
  • Ensure the police and partners understand the threat of serious organised crime and are equipped to tackle it effectively

How we will know we have delivered

  • The volume of crimes committed in West Yorkshire will reduce
  • The reoffending rate in West Yorkshire will reduce
  • HMIC PEEL inspections will grade West Yorkshire Police as GOOD or OUTSTANDING at effectively reducing crime
  • More people will feel safe in West Yorkshire
  • Proportion of police officers in operational functions will remain the same or improve
  • More people will think the police are doing a good or excellent job in their local area
  • More people will be confident that the police and partners will prevent crime and ASB